This UK Company Is Paying Volunteers To Be Infected With COVID-19 In Order To Find Cure

As pharmaceutical companies are racing to find a vaccine for the virus, a new scientific study is asking members of the public to volunteer to be infected with coronavirus in return for money.

Hvivo, which is among 20 firms and organisations racing to find a vaccine for Covid-19, will recruit 24 people to be infected with two different strains of coronavirus that are similar to the Covid-19 virus. During the trials, volunteers will be compensated a minimum of £100 per day, according to the FluCamp website.

After being infected with the less aggressive strains of the virus, volunteers will receive an Hvivo vaccine while they are quarantined and monitored, according to the European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (EPM).

The two strains that are to be administered, OC43 and 229E, have been widespread in the community for a number of years and cause only a mild respiratory illness, according to the report.

Cathal Friel, executive chairman of Open Orphan, Hvivo’s parent company, commented: “We are very happy to be able to try and assist in the battle against Covid-19.”

“Our Hvivo scientists and virologists, and especially Hvivo’s founder and the now chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board professor John Oxford, have a long history and experience of successfully developing challenge studies.”


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