Not On Your Period And Staining Your Underwear? Find Out Why

Ever bought a pair of cute panties, only to find it a bit stained in the crotch area after just a few wears? Thrown away more favourite undies than you can count because they were ruined? It’s a fact your vaginas totally bleach your underwears with weird stains. After all they’re busy workstations!

However, as irritating as it is to have to deal with vaginal discharge, it’s important that you acknowledge what’s happening, because discharges are basically a health status report given to you by your vagina. So let’s read what our lady parts are trying to tell us.

1. Light Brown

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If you see some brown stains on your underwear, there’s nothing to panic because it’s absolutely normal. It’s because you’ve finished your period and the brown is just the very last of your uterus shedding.

2. Whitish & Thin

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Once your period ends and up until ovulation, you may witness a bit of discharge that’s thin and white in colour. Whether you see this or not, but either way it’s normal or there’s no reason to freak out.

3. Red

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It obviously means the dreaded Aunt Flo has arrived, but if there aren’t tons and only a little bit of red, that’s ovulation bleeding. The hormonal changes that releases an egg also causes shedding of your uterine lining and it can lead to some red-brown spotting.

4. White & Thick

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Though typical for pregnant women, white and thick discharge is also an indicator that you need to be extra vigilant about birth control if you don’t want the bun in the oven.

5. Cottage Cheese

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Now, this is gross! This is the discharge that’s going to come out when you’re battling a yeast infection and is frequently accompanied by itching and irritation. An anti-fungal cream usually does the trick but you can always consult a doctor if it’s not under control.

6. Green

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This discharge is also frothy, but you probably won’t notice because the green itself is hard to overlook and steals all attention. If it is accompanies by irritation, it means you might have an STI- trichomoniasis, which is caused by a parasite. As disgusting as it sounds, it’s also equally dangerous, so go to your doctor immediately.

7. Brown Spots

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If you see brown discharge in the days before your period, there are chances of you’re heading in the female way. If you were planning one, heartiest congratulations otherwise better get yourself tested.

8. Milky Gravy

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This type of discharge and the fishy smell that comes along with it are typical for women suffering from bacterial vaginossis.


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