8 Reasons To Pour Yourself A Glass Of Wine Tonight

Who doesn’t like to pour themselves a glass of wine after a really long day? And when there’s a celebration, a bottle of wine finds its way to the table on its own. A glass of fine wine brings smile to our faces. But did you know that glass of merlot accompanying your steak or the pinot noir rounding out a long day has a surprising amount of health benefits. Yes, you read that right and science is just beginning to uncork the goodness of wine.

If consumed moderately, it not only gives you mental happiness, but also contributes towards your physical health. Here’s how!

#1 Wine has antioxidants

In the battle against fighting off free radicals that give birth to terrible health problems such as cancer, wine could be your weapon. Wine, especially the white ones are full of antioxidants that attack free radicals when they come lurking around.

#2 Wine boosts your immune system

We don’t mean you should stop taking your daily vitamins, but drinking a glass of wine daily also gives your immune system a boost as it wards off infection. However, consume it moderately or else the whole purpose of drinking wine for an immunity boost will be defeated.

#3 Wine increases bone density

With age, our bones get more brittle. You can of course increase your calcium intake by drinking milk, but how about doing yourself a real favour and sip on a relaxing glass of wine? High levels of silicon in wine are great for your bones’ mineral density.

#4 The risk of stroke goes down

We all are aware that wine is a natural blood thinner. Hence moderate consumption of wine breaks any blood clots that could lead to a stroke. Don’t get too carried away as excessive consumption might actually lead to one.

#5 Wine improves cognitive function

You may find it crazy, but drinking a glass of wine is like food for the brain. The brain functions better and the chemicals in red wine prevents the brain’s neurons from dying off.

#6 Wine lowers cholesterol

Dealing with cholesterol without any dietary guidelines? Do yourself a favour and pour a bowl of cereals in the morning and a glass of wine at night. Red wine boasts off chemical compounds that not only promotes a healthy heart but also lower cholesterol.

#7 Wine improves your sex life

Though everyone who drinks have their own picks and avoids; if you and your partner are looking to get it on, there may only be one kind for you to pick – red wine. Besides getting a nice little buzz going on, the chemical compounds enhances and improves your sexual experience.

#8 Wine boosts your skin & hair’s health

Finally, red wine keeps your skin glowing and hair shining. Applying red wine on your skin helps it age better, fights acne and prevents future breakouts, thus giving you a naturally beautiful skin. And if you want thick and shiny hair in no time, use red wine as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning your hair.



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