Yoga Asanas for Headaches

Goodbye Headache, As These Yoga Asanas Come To Your Easy Rescue

Yoga is an interesting phenomenon. You feel the rush of adrenaline and endorphins without the sudden drop-down of energy thereafter. You feel refreshed, you feel warm, you feel comforted, you feel like you are indispensable. Yoga gets you a rush that is inexplicable. Plus the calming and meditative properties of Yoga also help in figuring out so many ills our bodies go through tangentially or otherwise. Yoga doesn’t pompously claim a fad-worth weight loss, it doesn’t announce it’s arrival in any kind of machismo, but it slowly and steadily fixes your soul and your body alike. You have less stressors, you start to calmly wade through mild anxieties, you start falling ill a little less because your body reacts to outside factors in a more structured way. Yoga is the home equivalent of work-outs. It knows you, it helps you grow, it relives you off all maladies, and it helps you face the world just a bit more confidently.

So, there is obviously no way should you mindlessly pop pills the next time you have a searing headache. Instead, try these asanas so you feel relaxed, and healed.

1. Ardha Matsyendra Asana

Ardha Matsyendra Asana

Seated spinal twist involves your body twisting half-way with one arm behind your back resting on the ground, while the other reaches for the ankle of your perched up leg. The variation of this has both hands meeting in an interlock.

2. Bal Asana

Bal Asana

This resting pose lets you loosen up your body by putting your feet under your back and leaning forward with your arms outstretched.

3. Viparita Karani

viparita karani asana

There are two variations of this asana, one that has your legs perched up against a wall, and one where your body is suspended in the air with the weight falling on your elbows.

4. Uttanasana

uttanasana yoga asanas

The ultimate litmus test of flexibility, this asana needs you to bend your body in a straight line touching your flat palm to the ground.

5. Ardh Pinch Mayurasana

ardh pinch mayurasana

This is a precursor to the headstand, whether with folded elbows or straightened, in this asana you have to lift your body up using arms’ strength.

6. Neck Stretches 

Neck Stretches

Moving your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise is easily done, and without you having to move spaces. This asana relieves tension in neck which often is the reason for headaches.