Froyo, The Dessert That Is Super Healthy And Super Delicious

Frozen yoghurt is fairly an understated dessert if you ask us. It is not only really similar to the fabled and famous ice cream but it is a smack-dab when it comes to health! It is consistent of so many nutrients that it comes with a bevy of benefits that can take you from each spoonful! 

1. Boosts Immune System

Our immunity determines our receptivity to all diseases and ailments – imagine if we were so strong in our bodily foundation that we don’t fall ill at all. Apparently, frozen yoghurt will do that to you!

2. Contains Good Bacteria

Frozen yoghurt is loaded with good bacteria, including the likes of probiotics. Probiotics amp up your gut health, and that is so necessary in the kind of millennial lifestyle we seem to endorse.

3. Lower Levels of Lactose

Frozen yoghurt helps mitigate the negative effects of lactose, such as weight gain, and a dessert that lowers the risk of that? Too good to be true? Well, apparently not!

4. Lowers Stress

Aside from frozen yoghurt looking hella pretty and making you happy thereby increasing your endorphins, its protein rich content regulates your blood pressure and keeps stress away from you!

5. Strengthens Bone Health

A lot of calcium in frozen yoghurt! It will increase your bone density manifold, and some even say that yoghurt is one of the most important sources for making your bones stronger!

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