Your Everyday Foods Are Actually Super Detoxifying

Detox has somehow become a fad word, rather than a word which stands for what it stands for. Detox essentially means flushing toxins out of your body, and maintaining a good regulation of bodily functions. This has very little to do with hipster food, and much to do with extricating lethargic elements away from you!

1. Garlic

Loaded with Vitamin C, it is great for increasing your immunity! And of course the antioxidants are responsible for keeping your blood stream free of toxins. While it may not directly flushes out your toxins, by keeping your body healthy and strong it enables the process!

2. Walnuts

These nuts aren’t only fibrous, but they also remove a lot of toxins from your liver, such as ammonia! These are rich in arginine that assists in keeping our liver free off of radicals that could cause harm.

3. Spinach

This is the Queen of greens! It is much more on the nutritional front, and is the best source of iron. Alongside this, spinach also helps in detoxing both our liver, and our brain!

4. Cocoa Powder

Now this one we gotta love! Owing to high fiber content it is responsible for removing all toxins from our digestive system plus because it is full of flavonoids it naturally frees the body of harmful substances. And here we thought we had enough reasons to have a lot of cocoa powder!

5. Apples

The best thing about apples, which anyway keep the doctors away, is that aside from being loaded with antioxidants it also prevents acidity and flushes out metals and food additives from our bodies!

6. Cauliflower

Gobhi ki Subzi is apparently also good for getting rid off all those radicals that completely mess up our bodily functions. How? Well, well – its help you detoxify by activating enzymes which fight all toxins naturally! Now if that isn’t beneficial, we don’t know what is!

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