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Grace Under Fire- Designer Catherine Quin Lauds The Ladies Who Shine In The Darkest Hours

Designer Catherine Quin launched her “Women of Grace” campaign, inspired by women who demonstrate grace under fire like Gina Miller and Dr Christine Blasey Ford

This week, womenswear designer, Catherine Quin launched “Women of Grace”- the second iteration of her campaign created to celebrate and empower the modern woman. In an increasingly polarised society, the initiative celebrates the understated strengths of femininity that are all too often overlooked in today’s society like dignity, empathy and poise.

“This year I have been particularly struck by a list of exceptional women who remained resolutely graceful in the face of hostility.” says Quin. “There is not enough grace in the world to even the playing field, from Gina Miller who fought for democracy in the courts over Brexit; Dr Blasey Ford’s powerful court testimony; and Cressida Dick blazing a trail for diversity in the police force; these women displayed extraordinary graceful defiance that everyone can aspire to.”

Troubled to learn that London now has the worst gender wage gap in the UK, Quin is donating 25% percentage of profits from her campaign to Smart Works, which helps and supports vulnerable women get back into work by providing interview coaching and clothing.

In her celebration of grace, Quin has chosen 30 muses spanning London, Paris, New York and LA including actress and filmmaker Andrea Riseborough, activist Gina Miller, artist Quentin Jones, writer Lou Stoppard, composer Isobel Waller-Bridge, jewellery designer Monique Pean, actress Janet Montgomery, choreographer Emma Chadwick, editor Deborah Brett, tech founder Amber Atherton, chef Jemima Jones, event creative Fiona Leahy, and entrepreneurs Kate Percival, Lily Hanbury, Joanna Payne, and Lily Simpson. “Women of Grace are all navigating powerful professional and personal roles with strength, intelligence and determination.” continues Quin.

The campaign follows on the heels of ‘Women of Purpose,” which featured actress Freida Pinto, playwright Polly Stenham, architect Zoe Chan Eayrs, artist Polly Morgan, activist Brita Fernandez Schmidt, and art consultant Hikari Yokoyama.

To celebrate the series and launch her new collection, Quin held a ‘Literary Tea’ at Maison Assouline in London. In lieu of traditional models, the “Women of Grace” wore Quin’s new collection, and read from their favourite piece of feminist literature. Gina Miller who also appears in the campaign read excerpts of her new book, ‘Rise’. Quin collaborated with female-founded brands Le Monde Beryl for shoes and New York based designer Monique Pean for jewellery.

Inspired by minimalist design principles, Catherine Quin’s collections are streamlined and sophisticated. Beauty and functionality serve an essential purpose: to enrich, and simplify the life of the modern woman. Through her collections, Quin aims to empower women, to give them comfort, effortless confidence and peace of mind.


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