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All About Baby Botox!

The hottest new innovation in the West, Baby Botox has recently come to India with a bang. Baby Botox is essentially Botox homeopathy, using micro doses of Botox to give your skin a smooth finish. Instead of having to use Botox to smoothen out wrinkles, with Baby Botox, you can reduce that Botox to a fraction and still get the desired results for those tiny lines! Hence, the result is natural and you don’t get that frozen look. And, because the injections are superficial, pesky pores will also disappear after a few days! Does it sound too good to be true? I assure you it isn’t. Baby Botox uses the relaxing capacity of Botox but in such tiny doses that you don’t have to worry about looking unnatural. Read on to get the 411 on Baby Botox and how exactly it works and who should do it!

The Details:

So let’s start with Botox – what exactly is it? Botox is derived from botulinum toxin which paralyzes muscles. When you locally inject it into a muscle, it will stop moving. So, forehead lines from when you raise your eyebrows, or lines from when you frown magically disappear because you are paralyzing the muscles that create those lines on dynamic motion. Now, Botox has been used for decades and is perfectly safe. But Baby Botox or mesocolon is a new way to use Botox to hit even those tiny baby lines that Botox can’t touch because it’s too powerful. Baby Botox dilutes the Botox to homeopathy levels, leaving enough to still be effective, but not so much to paralyze bigger muscles of the face. Instead, it is put superficially – or not into the muscle, so that the dermal muscles which control sweat glands and pores get affected. This leaves you with a poreless finish! And, when you inject it into tiny lines around the eyes or mouth, it erases them naturally without affecting the natural motion of those areas. If you want it done whole face, Baby Botox is injected at multiple points all over the face superficially and results in your skin looking tighter, fresher, poreless and less lined. It lasts 3 months, and then needs to be repeated. It is safe, and with minimal side effects.


Who Should Do It?

If you are not scared of needles and can wait 7-10 days for the results, this treatment may be for you. It is ideal for those with large pores and fine lines that want a completely natural look.


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