3 Super-Easy Mango Based Dishes To Surprise Your Mom With, This Mother’s Day

This May, I seem flooded with the urge to (milk)shake up my day with everything fresh I can lay my hands on. So as fate would have had it, I recently stumbled upon a terrific combination of Mangoes, Matcha tea powder, Coconut Water & non-fat Coconut ice-cream & Sabja Seeds. Not only is this healthy, but stunning to look at too.

Try this on Mother’s Day and trust me, your reward will be nothing short of a big kiss from your mom.

The recipe for this concoction is as follows:

In a tall mug, first put in 2 tablespoons of Sabja seeds (basil seeds in English) which have been soaked for at least 2 hours. Then add 10 to 12 cubes of chilled chopped mangoes. Top up with coconut water & its malai. Now, add a dollop of non-fat coconut or any fruit ice cream and generously sprinkle matcha tea powder & grate dark chocolate on the Ice cream. If you are in the mood for a bit of fun, add a touch of Soda & it will make this into a cloud frothing over the mug

Now onto another fabulous recipe; a Salad that is wonderful especially after a swim.

In a large bowl put a stunning medley of avocados, mangoes, watermelon and cucumbers, all cubed. Add cilantro, sprinkle a pinch of salt, add a dash of chopped Thai Birds Eye chili & a dot of honey. Finish it with shavings of 80% dark chocolate and I promise you it would satisfy the hungriest family & friends.

Finally, the third hero dish of Mango for this summer! My favorite savoury is Pomme Frites, also best known as French fries.

Try air frying the long cut potatoes,  and roll them around on a plate dusted with black salt & 100% dark cocoa powder. Finally eat it with a freshly made mango salsa.

As for the Salsa, chop 1 onion , 1 tomato & 3 mangoes. Roughly crush together into a rustic mash. Add a pinch of salt and a drop of wasabi.

Mmmmore mazaa this May.



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