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Fillers vs Non-Invasive Plumpers: How To Entice With Your Lips!

Who doesn’t want naturally full lips à la Angelina Jolie or Priyanka Chopra? A plump pout is all the rage worldwide with women everywhere searching for quickfire sure methods to get that perfect mouth. Many resort to using lip plumpers, a new beauty phenomena that has been around for some years that has had burgeoning interest with the Kardashians brandishing their lip plumpers left and right.  Others make a beeline straight for more permanent options such as lip fillers. Read on to get the true 411 on lip fillers versus lip plumpers.

Lip plumpers are topical products that when applied make the lips slightly fuller than natural. These lip plumpers last for a very short time, anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours, after which they have to be reapplied. In order to get the plumping effect, these products contain irritating ingredients such as capsicum, cinnamon or wintergreen, resulting in redness, swelling and irritation. As a dermatologist, to see people purposely applying irritating ingredients on their lips repetitively raises warning flags. Irritant products can result in lip dryness, scaling and even lip rashes. The area around the lips can be inflamed, and repetitive usage, which in order to enjoy the effect for longer time periods you have to repetitively use the plumpers, just make the situation worse.


As a dermat, lip fillers seem to be a much more viable option. Instead of using products that are temporary, have variable results, and can result in lip irritation, it makes much more sense to simply do a lip filler and be done with it. Dermatologist, aesthetic docs and plastic surgeons have been using natural fillers for over a decade to augment lips safely and comfortably. Despite the negative hype, fillers are extremely safe and can look natural when done by the right physicians.

Lip fillers use a natural compound called hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the skin. This compound is injected into the lips to plump them and shape them, giving you a natural appearing and feeling pout that can last up to a year! And, if you don’t like it, then you can remove it, as hyaluronic acid based fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are 100% reversible. The risks are few and far between, with the usual effects being mild bruising and swelling that lasts 24 hours. The major fear in India seems to be that your lips can look unnatural or that you will get addicted to fillers. Neither of these need be true. If you bring a photo of the lips you want, your dermatologist can inform you what is possible and approximate the look that will suit your desires while also conforming to your face. And, you can’t get addicted to fillers – if you don’t want to repeat it you don’t have to!

Ultimately in my book, I would prefer to do a lip filler for a patient rather than recommend lip plumpers. For me, a lip plumper can’t give you results, and barely lasts long enough to enjoy its effects if there are any. While, a lip filler will guarantee a plump pout, without the worry!




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