Healthy Cooking Hacks That Will Change The Way You Make Food

Healthy cooking hacks are something that every person must be equipped with. From cooking smarter to improving the potential nutritional value of the foods eaten, it helps to understand simple steps that will foster these practices.

Storing Cooked Foods:

Keep it as fresh as possible was the motto of the older generations. Keep it healthy but convenient is the current motto and so be it to this generation who lives a fast paced life, who need quick fixes and yet healthy solutions. Cook in larger quantities and store food in smaller portion containers. Before you distribute into smaller containers, cool the food completely and use only a dry spoon for further steps. Store your packs in the refrigerator and use the smaller potions as and when required. Let your mind rest in peace as research also shows that the nutritional content of well-stored food is not affected for as long as 2-3 days, in fact the flavour of foods improves after storing overnight.

The concept of resistant starch is fairly new, rather talked of more in the recent years. Potatoes and rice when cooked and stored in the refrigerator for 12 hours or more develop resistant starch this when eaten actually helps people lose weight as the starch in the food is resistant to absorption and evacuates from the tummy without being absorbed. A cold potato salad or cold curd rice are good to go recipes to increase the resistant starch in your diet.

Ever wondered how you could increase the nutritional content of your food without too much effort? Here are a few of hacks:

1. Add 2tsps of powdered flaxseed into your smoothie and instantly increase your quotient of omega-3 and fibre.

2. Add a teaspoon of bee pollen into yogurt and jump the yard in controlling your insulin and sugar levels.

3. Great 25 to 30 grams of tofu into your salad and gain 20 grams on your protein content for the day.

4. Replace half the flour in your dough for rotis with Chana flour and reduce your carbs by 20%.

5. Include concentrated sources of tomato daily in your diet, by drinking tomato juice or using tomato puree in cooking and reduce the risk of tanning!

6. Replace half the pasta in your favorite pasta dish with Pearl barley and garnering the advantages of intestinal health by boosting the fibre content lowering cholesterol and improving hydration.

7. Everyone talks of antioxidants and how they can help protect your body against cancers. Here’s a simple way to get your daily dose of antioxidants from something as simple as lemon rind. Lemon rind is far more powerful than lemon itself as it contains lemonoids which are high in antioxidants and some other nutrients. By 2 kilos of lemon, fresh ripe ones, and grate the rind completely. Store the rind in an air tight container and freeze the same. Daily mix 2tsps of this rind in a glass of water and consume, this hack is superb in reducing the risk of cancers.

8. Using iron pots and pans for cooking can help to improve your nutritional iron status. So do away with your non-stick and replace with this natural element today!

9. Broccoli contains glucosinates, potential anti-cancer compounds. But this precious compound could be lost while boiling the broccoli. So steam your broccoli which will retain the glucosinates much better and benefit your health!

Hacks are always welcome, they ease out your life and out that smile on your face, cooking hacks are no different. To know you have achieved a fair advantage easily!! So stay on the look out for more cooking hacks and use them to your health benefit!

Anupama Menon is a nutritionist and food coach based in Mumbai and Bangalore offering sustainable nutritional plans with 3 chEATs per week. To book an appointment call 9902060225 or follow her on Instagram @iamanupamamenon




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