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How To Use Technology To Spice Up Your Relationship

Smartphones have a bad reputation. Couples spend entire evenings without even looking at each other because they are staring at their phones. They might be spending time together but they are completely isolated from each other. 

However, you can use technology to spice up your love life and deepen the connection between you and beloved. Here’s how to be smart about your phone!

1. Send your sweetheart a sexy text…in the middle of a work day. It will put a smile on their face when they least expect it. One of the joys of technology is that it can bring you together when you’re apart. So go ahead and get #naughtybutnice.


2. Switch off your phone on date nights. It will make the difference between a dry relationship and a loving, intimate one. Smartphones aren’t the problem. Our inability to manage them is the problem. At first it will take discipline to switch it off (and leave it off!) But it will be so worth it. If you find you have FOMO just remind yourself that if you’re checking your phone instead of whispering sweet nothings to each other, you will AMA (Actually Miss Out) on real life.


3. Write a love letter…by hand. On paper, using an old fashioned ink pen. It’s easy to think that technology is new but the hand-written letter has been the technology of choice for lovers over centuries. It feels very different to typing an SMS. It’s as if the act of putting pen to paper flicks on the romantic switch in your brain.


4. No checking your phone in bed! I’m very strict about this rule. If you’re in the habit of taking your Twitter feed into bed with you your sex life will dry up very quickly. So, pry the phone out of your hands and give your attention to your partner instead.


5. Use the ❤️ emoji! Even if you’re sending your spouse a mundane text about the grocery shopping add a love emoji. Make full use of the romantic icons on your phone! It keeps the energy of tenderness alive in a long term relationship. So often, the tenderness that was so easily expressed at the start of a relationship fades away. But with the range of love emojis available there’s no excuse for your messages to be dry and dull. Go on, get creative.

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