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All About Diets, From The Really Good To The Really Bad

A great body and rosy health is a priority with a capital “P” on everyone’s wish list. Now how much effort and will each person is willing to plough in and does so, either fragments their results or delivers an

Binge Without Gaining An Inch, This December

With the holidays in tow, the highlight for many during this season is gathering with family and friends and enjoying your favorite holiday treats. Cookies, candied jams, and pies can often be found at every turn when attending holiday festivities. Here

The Newest Beauty Trend: Penis Facials!

Penis facials. Even as an option, it seems a little much. Are you right now imagining men everywhere getting facials for their penises? Well, luckily, for you, this is not what is happening. The penis is not the latest place

Mastering The Art To Being A Junkie

I hate junk! I love junk! I junk all the time! I need to stop junking! Much has this word been maligned. But is there a definition? Do we offer it some perspective? No, it’s a blind rationale to categorize

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Care and Cleansing of Crystals and Gems 

Healing and empowering crystals are becoming a more and more popular way to indulge in some self-care these days. Because really, who doesn’t want a pretty gem or crystal around them all the time, especially if they have dual purposes

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This Is How You Sneak In Intimacy On Your Wedding Day

It’s your big day. But for most people their wedding day goes by in a blur. Here are the secrets to making sure you create memorable bride-and-groom moments, not just the memory of heavy jewellery and your guests’ faces –