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Days of fermentation

Fermented Foods You Need To Add To Your Diet ASAP

I vividly remember those days back in Kerala where Bombay met with summer vacations and we spent our bright scorching holidays in the mud, grime and happiness of village life. All rules were broken, discipline was mere theory and all

new moon and astrology, dos and donts when the phenomenon strikes

Shradha Salla Helps Us Understand The Mystical New Moon

Every month the Universe gives us a  gift hidden present – This is called the new moon and it happens every 28-30 days. In astrological terms, the new moon is when the sun and the moon conjunct or meet at the same degree. It’s also the

Microblading: This Beauty Regime Is Like Nothing We Have Ever Seen

Eyebrow trends are constantly changing and have been for centuries. Just look back at the Egyptians and the black arches they painted over their darkly-lined eyes. In recent years, however, eyebrows have evolved from bold and perfectly manicured to softer,

Beginner’s Guide To Good Sex

Whatever your affectionate and sexual orientation, when you first start exploring sex it can be overwhelming. No one advises you about it; you don’t know if you’re really ready; you’re not sure how far to go. With hormones swirling around

Is Coconut Oil Truly Poisonous?  

Harvard Professor, Epidemiology, Dr Karin Michels calls coconut oil “Poison” in a 50 minute lecture. The YouTube video went viral some days ago gathering more than a million views and counting! Since then, there’s a single question on everyone’s mind

All About Baby Botox!

The hottest new innovation in the West, Baby Botox has recently come to India with a bang. Baby Botox is essentially Botox homeopathy, using micro doses of Botox to give your skin a smooth finish. Instead of having to use

Should We Worry About Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde- suddenly its all that people are talking about . Please note isn’t just some run of bad luck. It’s astrology’s way of forcing us to review, recheck and revisit. In our technology-focused society where emails, texts, and reliable

Why You Should Write That Love Letter!

In the age of technology a hand written love letter is a thing of joy and magic. If you’re looking for a memorable way to say ‘I love you’ get some beautiful stationary – good quality paper, in a pale

Why Keto? Why Not Keto!

“Large raw naked carrots are acceptable as food to those who live in hutches eagerly awaiting Easter” – Fran Lebowitz And so is food dear to most of us. The only time we want it to hoodwink us is when