Family Food Chronicles with Himangini: Preparing The Classic Shami Kebab

Kebabs aren’t just any dish, they are an entire institution. There are very few non- vegetarian food lovers who don’t swear by kebabs. They are juicy, they are delicious, they are so versatile that they go from curd to chutney to any possible condiment and every time they bring in a new layer to their taste. From being a staple at all gatherings, to being that comfort on cold nights when you just wish something warm, chewy, and flavourful wraps you up in a gustative embrace- kebabs are eternal. Shami kebabs are extremely popular in my household, with the adults loving it’s classic flavours and the young ones always ready to give it their own twist.

As a kid I remember eating shami kebab, as it was one of the most favourite snacks in my mother’s house. I realised it is the best dish to whip up when I am hosting my friends, and even when my kids are in a mood for something yummy. However, my kids prefer it wrapped in a pita pocket rather than the usual fare, but the flavour and texture remains the same. Plus it works wonders, because you can make it once and then deep freeze it for 15-20 days.

Here is the recipe for shami kebabs:

500 grams mutton keema

Garam masala – 1tsp

Jeera powder – 1tsp

Mutton masala – 1tsp

Salt to taste

Garlic paste – 3tbsp

Green chilly – 5/6

Onion -2

Dhaniya – 50gm fresh

Ginger paste – 1tbsp

Channa dal – 50gm

Dal Chini – 1

Badi elaichi – 2

Tej patt – 2

Egg – 2


Take 1 tablespoon oil and put all the garam masala (saboot) and then put keema and channa dal in it add 1 cup of water and salt. Cook till 5 whistles are done. Then take out the garam masala and mash the mutton into a fine paste. Now make a paste of dhaniya, garlic, ginger, green chillies add this in the mutton. Then add 2-3 slices of bread and I tbsp of corn flour and 2 eggs mix well. Give them a round shape, and you can either fry it or pan fry it. Serve it with green chutney and onions.

Here is the recipe for pita wrap:



Lettuce leaves

Onions (rings)


Take the pita bread give it a slight opening in the middle and place the lettuce leaves, onions, the prepared shami kebab and some hummus.

Now that you can cook these family recipes of mine, let me tell you some health benefits of some of my favourite ingredients!

Coriander: They are a great source of Vitamin C, iron, and dietary fiber.

Pita: Low calorific, it also is a great source of fiber.


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    Are you sure this recipe calls for 500 kg of meat?

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