These Easy Steps Will Make You De-Stress Super Quickly

When a stone pedals down into the water, stress produces the ripple effect that drives the water into a radius it otherwise only hopes to achieve. And that’s what stress is supposed to do. Good stress. Stress is meant to drive us, make us achievers, help us push our limits and break ground.

But when stress overflows into everything else that matters in your life affecting it in ways you are not encouraged about, it’s time to break the commotion and restore some semblance of order in your life again!

How do you manage stress?

You don’t have to kill the stress, it’s like killing your drive. Keep the adrenaline flowing and stop well before you get acrimonious.

Follow some simple guidelines

Regulate your sleep times well within a time frame of half hour. If you intend to or sleep daily at 11 pm, let it not either stretch beyond 11:15 pm nor let yourself hit the pillow before 10:45 pm. This kind of regulation will bring in a pattern that will signal your body to rest at an indicated time, sleep will be restful and be summoned quickly

Meditate daily for 10-15 minutes. There is no key to meditation, don’t wait to learn a method. A quiet spot where no one can reach you for sometime. Where you can sit straight backed and listen to your own breath and trace it’s pattern. That’s enough for a start.

Prioritize what you need to do. And learn to say no to the rest. At all costs. Nothing is worth it’s weight in gold or diamonds for that matter that could cost you your metal and physical well-being.

Adaptogens like Ashwagandha, ginseng, phosphatidyl serine can help balance the hormones that go astray purely as an after effect of chronic stress. But remember, their effects are only supplemental in nature. You are the warrior and only you can decide whether your stress can be controlled or left unbridled.

Make time for friends and family. Everyday, not just during the weekend.

Exercise outdoors for half hour everyday, it stimulates the release of the happy hormones.

Drink vegetable infused water (water infused overnight with cut cucumber, lemon and mint) which can help restore your body into an alkaline zone, stress tends to make your body acidic.

Make sure you have a good supplement of Vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and zinc as stress risks bone health.

Nuts, 2 tsps Ghee and about 10-15 gms of dark chocolate daily can help minimize food cravings that invariably accompany stress.

Finally, rest, sunshine, love and peace are 4 pillars to manage your stress. Never let go of these, the rest will help to keep you on track when you struggle in phases to keep the reins under control. But finally, you are the warrior and it’s your decision to speed up or slow down!



Anupama Menon is a nutritionist and food coach based in Mumbai and Bangalore offering sustainable nutritional plans with 3 chEATs per week. To book an appointment call 9902060225 or follow her on Instagram @iamanupamamenon







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