Summer Recipes For The Chocolate Lover

The spring equinox always excites me as it brings longer days to fill up with sweet memories. The hot days & warm balmy nights demand yummy smaller meals at frequent intervals punctuated with delicious -high -on -goodness & impactful snacks! 

I have lined up a nice selection of recipes for you to try out this summer & I would love to hear reviews on them.

1. Chocolate Orange Chia Shake

Makes 2 mugs:  An interestingly nutritious start your day shake

The 3 ingredients you will need for this are:

Zest of 3 oranges soaked in water over night.

1 ½ cups Almond milk or soya milk or regular milk.

2 tablespoon chia seeds soaked overnight in water.

1 cup chopped 70% to 80% dark chocolate

Heat the milk. Switch off the stove. Stir in the orange zest & add the chocolates little at a time & whisk till it’s all well blended. Add in the soaked chia seeds & drink it as a nice thick cool or warm shake.

Another yum option is to pour it over fresh fruit & granola and eat it as a nice big bowl.

2. Chocolate Dip

Another really luxuriously healthy chocolate fulfilling snack is to make a quick peanut or almond or cashew butter by crushing 2 cups of nuts in a mixes till medium smooth.

Add it into a bowl of melted very dark chocolate and use it as a dip for fruits & vegetables. You can add salt, pepper & chilly to taste while mixing the nuts to make it a savory dip. This would serve 2 people easily.

3. Chocolate Salad Dressing

An excellent satisfying summer salad dressing with chocolate would take not more than 10 minutes of your time & serve 3 persons.

All you need is 2 cups of nice balsamic vinegar. Heat it in a pan & shut of the stove once it bubbles around the edges. Mix in 1 cup of melted chocolate. In nice huge salad bowl create a concoction your favorite vegetables including bell peppers, baby corn & mushrooms, broccoli or any other vegetable you like. Pour the chocolate vinegar over the vegetables and season with coarse salt & pepper, with a fist full of cheese. It’s fabulous with bread and a chilled glass of something or the other.


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