The Newest Beauty Trend: Penis Facials!

Penis facials. Even as an option, it seems a little much. Are you right now imagining men everywhere getting facials for their penises? Well, luckily, for you, this is not what is happening. The penis is not the latest place to get rejuvenated. Rather, women are engaging in this facial in record numbers, including the famous Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock. So, what is this strangely named therapy? Read on to get updated.

Now, the facialist Georgia Louise in New York coined this term for her facial that uses EGF, or epidermal growth factor, to rejuvenate and boost collagen and elastin creation in the skin. EGF is one of the signaling molecules of stem cells, which helps make skin renew itself. Why is it called a penis facial? Basically, since EGF kind of smells like, well, sperm, Georgia Louise had the smarts to call it the penis facial, and Hollywood celebrities enjoyed the tongue in cheek notion of it, and voila, a trend was born. Costing about 45000 INR a pop, trust me this will set you back quite a bit.

So where does this EGF come from? Basically, EGF is taken from the foreskin of tiny baby Korean boys after circumcision (I know – it’s so crazy), and then cloned in a lab. Once cloned, they are packaged and sold around the world. Facialists apply this on the skin and then do micro-needling to enforce penetration of EGF into the deeper layers of the epidermis – thereby stimulating skin renewal. Now, while this makes your skin feel supple, is it a must, absolutely not. If the idea of baby Asian foreskins makes you cringe but you still want some Epidermal growth factor, then luckily there are vegetarian derived sources as well (thank god), particularly from Scandinavia.

Now is this necessary? Well, EGF and peptides do help boost collagen, but you don’t need to spend nearly 45000 INR to do this. Simple skin renewal programs with vacuum assisted delivery of nutrients along with machine assisted micro-needling and the correct assortment of actives can deliver the same result in India itself at nearly 1/3 the price. Look for collagen induction therapy or micro-needling based skin renewal programs that also use EGF or stem cells or even PRP! Make sure they are using top technology though because micro-needling when done wrong can be a problem and can cause rashes or even marks.


Stay beautiful everyone!

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