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Why You Should Write That Love Letter!

In the age of technology a hand written love letter is a thing of joy and magic. If you’re looking for a memorable way to say ‘I love you’ get some beautiful stationary – good quality paper, in a pale cream colour is works well. Write with a fountain pen if you have one. Write in your best handwriting.

Letter writing is an art form but it doesn’t need to be pages and pages. Keep it short and sweet. Here are some prompts to get you started. Choose one of these topics, start writing about it and your letter will flow. You might want to write a draft first.

1. His/Her Qualities

The things that nourish you and enrich your life. Is it their kindness? Their clarity of mind; their sass and sparkle; generosity; their brilliant mind; their thoughtfulness; their wit. Make sure you pick a quality that they really have. Don’t make up something because it sounds good! Authenticity is the key.

2. Their Quirks

Perhaps it’s the way their face wrinkles when they frown, or the way they tilt their head when they laugh. Those little habits that are unique to them. Things that you notice and cherish in the intimate moments of your daily lives together.

3. Shared Memories

Maybe it was a birthday celebration, a magical weekend getaway, or a really special date. Every couple has those special, shared memories that are highlights in the relationship. Writing about one of these and the joy it created is a great way to let your beloved know that you treasure and remember the special times.

4. Memorabilia

If you need some help to get started on the shared memories perhaps you’ve kept some memorabilia, such as the tickets from the first time you went to see a play together. Or maybe you kept the cork of the champagne bottle from a special dinner. Or the ribbon off the gift wrapping of a gift s/he gave you. Sometimes those small things carry the greatest significance. Find an item of memorabilia and write about why you kept it. What emotions where you feeling at the time? What hopes and dreams did it ignite for you? Does it inspire you now to plan an adventure for the two of you as a couple?

5. Flow of Appreciation

Most couples appreciate each other far more than they express. It’s all too easy to feel it but not say it. Now is your chance to put that unspoken appreciation into words. A flow of appreciation is one of the most powerful ways to adore your partner and strengthen the relationship.


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