10 Things You Need To Know About Scorpions That’ll Make You Love Them

Beginning on Oct. 23 and lasting until Nov. 22, Scorpio season is here to stay for a while. The skies fill with an air of enigma; a total vibe, no matter what your zodiac sign. But if you’re about to befriend a Scorpion, or if you’re already buddies with one, or if you simply fall under the sign yourself, here’s a list of things just for you.

Scorpions are intensely passionate

Scorpions can’t be fooled for sh**

Scorpions can be extremely secretive

Scorpions are often always suspicious of everything

Scorpions are thoroughly ambitious, even competitive

Scorpions, if they lose their temper, can be brutal

Scorpions don’t take betrayal very well

Scorpions follow their own path and love to do their own thing

Scorpions are crazy protective of their loved ones

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