Find Out Which Bollywood Character Is Your Drunk Self According To Your Zodiac Sign

Are you the kind that’s as invincible as Superman himself? Or are you the kind throwing a million hugs and kisses per second? Are you the kind people run miles away from? Are you just the worst kind of drunk? Scroll through and find out. 


Just too happy about happy hours at the bar, you might be the first one to belly up. You’re the one who is a wee accident prone, be it getting into a fist fight with that person who just said ‘excuse me’ to get to the other side you were blocking probably doing something stupid, or hitting your head on the bar stool?! (Yes, you’re capable of that.) Rising in confidence with every sip, you’re Sharman Joshi from 3 Idiots.


You might have the world on your mind when you’re a million miles away from being even a wee bit drunk, but with alcohol in your body, the effects continue to be positive. You’re having the best time of your life when you’re drunk. You’re pulled out of any kind of funk that may be going on in your head. No table top is high enough for you to climb, you’re invincible. You let things go when you’re drunk, even your stubbornness. Your friends need to keep an eye on you, however. What if you decide to succumb to your clumsiness and break a leg or two?

You’re Nargis Fakhri from Rockstar. You’re super duper adventurous when you’re drunk. Your lazy self seems to drift farther and farther away with every sip you take.


You’re silly and just tend to get sillier, coherent still. But you would spill the beans on almost anything. If, God forbid, you had the launch codes attached to a nuclear weapon system. While they like to believe they are not ‘that drunk’ never ask a Gemini to make the most significant, impactful decisions, just don’t.

You’re Rajkummar Rao from Bareilly Ki Barfi.


If we had to sum drunk Cancerians in just three words, loud, noisy and absolutely (just a degree adverb) flirty, would do just fine.

You are from Ranveer Singh from Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.


The legal lion likes to maintain their dignity even when their super sloshed, but how much can one do in an inebriated state? You’re bound to have a moment where you go, ‘mera toh itna life kharab hogaya’. In a parallel universe, it is tough to get them off the dance floor.

You’re Kangana Ranaut from Queen.


Critical and often found playing the blame game, when a Virgo walks in drama usually steps in first. Caution – A drunk Virgo will curse a lot, slurring through most of what they say.

You’re Veeru from Sholay.


The more you drink, the more self-control you start loosing. This my friend, will land you in a plethora of situations, some awkward, some just too much fun, some plain weird – anyhow, you’re bound to have a blast! You’re Vicky Kaushal from Sanju.


Moderation? Scorpions probably don’t even know what that means. Get set for steady emotional revelations that will be coming straight from their heart, they might not seem their usual self. If something arouses their funny bone, Scorpions have a tendency to make insightful jokes. As much as they love to sit back and observe, they can easily be the life of any party, that is if they want. You’re Deepika Padukone from Break Ke Baad.


You’re a self-righteous prick, you’re too blunt even brutal to be honest, but you’re also hilarious – that saves the day, for you and for those around you who you leave in absolute hysterics! You don’t sugar coat everything, your observational humour and ruthless sarcasm, is the reason you make a great pal. If you’re looking for a spontaneous drinking partner who also reels you into loads of laughter, call up the archer! But watch out, they might just flip a switch and go certifiably nuts! Quite the hype man of any party, you’re post-that-heartbreak-oh-so-jolly Deepika Padukone from Cocktail. 


You don’t mean to be an emotional drunk but you just are. You could be crying in the corner about what your boss said to you about 88 days back or crying on the bar counter confessing your love, and that is exactly why you always go out with your BFFs. You’re too mercurial and fluttery when you’re drunk, it is not even funny. It is so easy to persuade you into drinking more than you should, because usually, you don’t need any one else to do that for you. You’re the loud living soul in any drinking place that goes ‘CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!’. You’re Shah Rukh Khan from Devdas.


Your eccentric and energetic self goes quiet and withdrawn when drunk. We don’t mean you don’t talk anymore, you could be sitting alone and smirking, almost like you’re hiding something. You tend to laugh a little too much about things nobody on the table knows of, you could be on an adventure of your own – in your head. You’re a goofy drunk. You’re so amusing when you get carried away deep into the most minor details, it is amazing. You need to stop acting like a know it all, though. Don’t be afraid when an Aquarian invites you on a whim, it is going to be fun. You are Ranbir Kapoor from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.


You’re a hyper dog who needs a leash when you’re drunk. You’re super duper friendly when you’re drunk. And your amiability is not just limited to throwing a compliment here, there and everywhere, you’re that person who might bail on their gang as they walk out with a clique they just met and are already BFFs with?!!? When has a leash ever helped a hyper dog? It just ends with you walking your friends wherever YOU want to go. It is a little hard to control you, take no offence. You’re Kajol from Dilwale Dhulania Le Jayenge.

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