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Leos Are Always Grooving In ‘Josh’, What About You?

All of us are constantly in need of music. Even with YouTube and Google Play, you still feel there’s not just enough music. More specifically, your kind of music. Or, are you just waiting for someone to tell you what to listen to?

What about a song based on your zodiac sign, because astrology is totally legit. Even if astrology is more of a guideline than a rule, there’s no denying the fact that what star sign you were born under has its own gifted traits. And obviously, there is a song out there that is ‘perfect’ for you and other people who share your zodiac sign. The universe has been telling us what to listen to all along, if only we would stop and hear what the universe is saying.

In the list below, you’ll find a list of Bollywood songs based on your zodiac sign that could seriously be your life anthem.


The first sign in the zodiac, Arians are independent, courageous and impulsive. ‘Aadat se Majboor’ from ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’ perfectly sums your daring and flirtatious traits.


Taureans are dependable, loyal, stubborn and warm-hearted; a reckoning force once they dig their feet in. Lagaan’s ‘Chale Chalo’ perfectly sums that up with the chorus ‘Chale Chalo, Chale Chalo! Mit Jaave Jo Takraave, Chale Chalo’.


‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ perfectly fits the friendly, funny and eager trope of Geminis. Even though they absolutely detest a dull and monotonous life, thanks to their dual personality, they have a whole other quiet and low-key aspect to their personality, which can take over anytime.


Cancerians are caring, emotional, clingy and moody, and spend a lot of time soul-searching. ‘Love you Zindagi’ is an introspective song on life which a lot of Cancerians can relate to.


If you know a Leo, then you know exactly how confident, encouraging, domineering, and vain they can be. They’re exciting people to be around, even at their worst times, and ‘Sailaru Sailare’ from ‘Josh’ just gets them.


The zodiac member Virgo can be counted on to be analytical, observant, critical and cold. A Virgo knows what they want, knows who they are and never accepts anything less and thus ‘Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gayi bhagwan’ best suits these level-headed people.


Oh Libra. Librans are graceful, idealistic, indecisive and unreliable. ‘Yeh Ishq Hai’ from ‘Jab We Met’ is basically a Libran in love, especially with the lyric, ‘Yeh Ishq Haaye, Baithe Bithaye, Jannat Dikhaye Haan, O Raama’.


The Scorpio member of the zodiac is passionate, resourceful, jealous and obsessive. They cling to things and never ever let them go. The shouting passion inherent in ‘Jo Bhi Main’ from ‘Rockstar’ pretty much sums up a Scorpio.


Sagittarians are independent, gregarious and blunt to the point of rudeness. Because they tend to be insensitive, they unintentionally end up racking up a lot of enemies. ‘Khwabon ke Parindey’ from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is the song for the Sagittarians out there.


You have a strong sense of self, Capricorn. They are spiritually strong, with a lot of self control. ‘Main Aisa Kyun Hoon’ from the movie ‘Lakshya’ is just meant for Capricornians who don’t let others persuade them, and it’s better off to not get into how independent they are.


If there’s anyone who is both popular and different at the same time, it’s the Aquarian. They believe in the road not taken. With a talent of impressing people, you are the Zodiac Signs’ Casanova and announce your arrival with ‘Bachna Aae Haseeno’ wherever you go.


Innocently adorable, Pisceans are compassionate with a childlike innocence, but act fiercely when it comes to taking tough decisions. Loving to see the brighter side of the day irrespective of how hard life gets make ‘Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le’ your spirit song.



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