Shradha Salla Horoscope: 5th September

Midweek blues? Serious motivation needed? Read on!


Emotional turmoil on the job could stress you out way too much. Headaches or temporary hypertension could plague you if you aren’t careful. Don’t push too hard. Remember to take breaks,  and go for walk on your lunch hour. Don’t be afraid to put off nonessential tasks. You’ll be all right. Why make a day’s work any more difficult than it needs to be?


This should be a fortunate day for you. Everything you try to do should go fairly smoothly. Relations with others are warm, friendly, and congenial. Any chores or other pending work should be completed quickly and efficiently. If you’ve been planning to start a new project, this is the day to get going. Romance should be intense and passionate now, so make the most of it!


A couple you’ve known for a long time could visit you at your home today. Don’t be surprised if they tell you how wonderful the place looks. Conversation should be lively and entertaining, though you should sidestep any discussion of controversial subjects. Debates on such matters could get rather heated. It might be wise to treat your guests to food rather than alcohol!


Today,  you might spend a great deal of time in the car running errands in the neighbourhood. You’re likely to see people you know who have interesting news. New businesses may open nearby. Doctors, dentists, and other professionals could open new offices, making your daily routine more convenient. Some of them might be your neighbours or relatives.

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Money that you’ve been earning for a long time may finally come your way today, but don’t be surprised if you have to do a lot of running around in order to get it. Plans for future moneymaking projects could come up, although it’s important to consider everything carefully and not jump in too quickly. This is an excellent time to learn a new moneymaking skill.


The special someone in your life may be having some trouble with colleagues. Don’t just comfort him or her,  It’s unlikely that your sweetie wants sympathy. Solutions are needed. If you don’t have any, just be a good listener. It’s important for you to get out and exercise. If the weather is good, take a walk. If not, attend an exercise class. You’ll feel better.


Today you’re likely to be working hard behind the scenes, perhaps preparing a project for others to make public or coaching people for some kind of performance. You’ll expend a lot of energy in the course of completing this chore, yet you’ll probably feel it was all worth it. Don’t expect to go home early,  You’ll probably go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Friends could entice you to join them for a short day trip, perhaps to the country. This is a great day to go on such an outing, You’ve probably been working hard and need to get away for a while. Don’t be surprised if there’s a delay, however. You or one of your friends could be waiting to meet with someone.


Emotions could be intense at work today as important projects approach their deadlines.  You may put in more time than usual. Tempers might flare and co-workers clash, so stay calm and keep going. On the positive side, the financial and recognition payoffs for whatever you accomplish today should prove well worth the effort.


Today you should feel especially sexy and relationships with romantic partners should go well. Your passions are intense, the lines of communication are open, and appreciation of one another is running high. There might be talk of taking a long trip together in the future. Plan a cozy evening for two. You’ll want to do a lot of talking – and more!

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Money is probably on your mind now. A desire for increased financial security could force you to look for work or investments that would pay off big. Opportunities for one or both of these are likely to come through friends, perhaps someone with whom you’ve worked before. You’re likely to accomplish what you want for now, but it’s uncertain whether you’ll continue on this path in the future.


Don’t expect to spend a lot of time at home today. You’re more likely to be in the car and away from home. There may be errands and social obligations to fulfill. Try to pace yourself in whatever you do or else you might be exhausted by day’s end. Take the time to stop and enjoy yourself. This will ensure a fun rather than tiring day.


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