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10 Scary Dialogues That Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight

When you watch a horror movie, and someone particularly ditzy goes out to ask “Who’s there?”, and then 100% of the time they get killed by someone lurking in the shadows or corners. Between laughing out loud over this, and

Sixth Sense: The Horror Movie That Gave Us A Life Lesson

20 years ago, I saw dead people, you saw dead people, we all saw dead people. Dr. Malcom and Cole graced our screens and what we witnessed is an unmatchable classic horror till date. Even though it’s 20 years since

10 Facts That Make The Blair Witch Project Even More Iconic

The only thing you remember from The Blair Witch Project is haunting darkness. Every frame of the movie is annotated with doom and despair, with your heart sinking with every passing second. The texture of the film, the found-footage nuance

19 Bizarre Innovations That Make Us Question The Human Mind

Inventions are usually a testament to the human creative genius. They come from a place of need and want and a wise soul turns it around into tangible manifestation. We owe so much of our convenient lifestyle to inventions and

7 Bizarre Wikipedia Pages You Need To Check Out Right Away!

Wikipedia is digital’s world’s celebrated encyclopedia. It’s a sea of information; authentic or not. And for every interesting and informative write-up about World Wars or discoveries or inventions, there’s another that is completely out of the box and unintentionally hilarious.