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12 Women With The Scariest Screams In The History Of Cinema

Sometimes a scream can deter a killer, or a spirit. 

We mean these screams did become almost as iconic as the movie itself. Hence the nickname Scream Queens. These screams convinced us that the villain was indeed a force to be scared of, these screams gave us an insight into the violence that was to take place. And boy, the violence that was to take place. 

So here we break down why these screams were justified! 

1. Psycho

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Justification: If you are at a shady motel with a quasi deranged mother-son duo and you decide to take a shower because hygiene is paramount and you get blitz attacked, well damn if you don’t scream.

2. Pari

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Justification: If you are in that hard place between being a devil’s child and an overenthusiastic patient, we guess your paranoia will result in screams?

3. Scream 2

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Justification: Your boyfriend is someone who calls you after being drunk, and sounds like a horrid human anyway so if you confuse Ghostface and take the call and humour him and then get thrown to your death, well it’s okay to scream.

4. Scream 1

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Justification: Your boyfriend wants to kill you after killing your mother for breaking up his home, and you trusted him with your consent before he fakes his own death with corn syrup! Yes, you can scream!

5. Bhoot

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Justification: No offence to people named Manjeet, but if you are being haunted by someone called that, you better be scared because they are so much more than they let on!

6. Halloween 1

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Justification: Your brother is crazy. Your job probably gets you in trouble vis a vis your crazy brother. And the future holds more torment at the hands of him, yes. Scream away.

7. Scream Queens

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Justification: You are all entitled, and all dying, and even though you seem to have tamed the omnipresent monster, people are killing your near ones with vindication.

8. Carrie

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Justification: PIG’S BLOOD. You are nothing but an innocent, albeit gifted human, but your mother is horrible, and your school is a collective trash pile, and you look wonderful on your prom yet get a bucket full of pig’s blood dumped on you, so if you scream, we suggest just do it more. Preferably without burning the school after!

9. Friday the 13th -Part 1

Justification: Dead child killing you after his mother killed a lot of your “people”. Scream please, because that’s how you are going down. Down under.

10. Raaz

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Justification: Your husband had an affair with someone battling depression and identity dissociation, and he took advantage of her and now you must pay for his deeds. It’s so very tragic.

11. Rosemary’s Baby

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Justification: Your son is Satan!

12. The Shining 

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Justification: Your husband is a whackadoodle. And he either wants to kill you with an axe or leave you to freeze to death in a blizzard. You don’t stand a chance. So. Scream!


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