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6 Things You Need To Do When You Watch A Horror Movie

Watching a horror movie is just not an exercise in experiencing entertainment. It’s a nerve wracking exercise. Your emotions are at peak, you are constantly looking around, and the sweat! My god the sweat. But your entire movie watching experience can get better through these easy hacks!

1. Don’t Switch Off All The Lights

Don't Switch Off All The Lights

Okay sure you need darkness to really feel the entire haunting scenario, but keep that one light flickering on. Because the spectrum of dying and surviving is in the balance of your cardiac status -and trust us that one little light makes all the difference!

2. Keep Munching

Because you are constantly eating, your mind is in two halves -one is watching the movie, the other is consuming chips. You are mildly distracted and that means you aren’t letting the entire ghostly encounter scare you the most potent level! Plus all that cleaning off crumbs from your tshirt is adequate preoccupation too.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much

Don't Drink

Bad, bad move. Whether its water or alcohol or any other beverage, drinking will make your bladder feel things, bladder feeling things will make you want to go to the washroom, and what does the washroom have? A mirror! And what happens when you look at the mirror? Bloody Mary! So yes, just don’t drink.

4. Don’t Keep Your Legs Dangling

Don't Keep Your Legs Dangling
Do you really want to do that, and have someone pull you up from under the bed/ couch? Just sit cross legged, or assume a foetal position. It’s comfortable and diminishes any chances of you feeling scared of the monster under your bed!

5. Don’t Investigate The “Noise”

how to watch a horror movie
A weird noise from a forgotten little corner in your home? A branch has hit your window? Sure all are thrilling experiences -but please don’t go on looking for that noise which is the harbinger of doom. Just keep at your seat, don’t look around and enjoy the movie.

6. Never Pick Up Unknown Numbers

how to watch a horror movie alone

Because chances are that it’s coming from the house! If you don’t know the caller, just don’t pick up. If it’s urgent they will try to reach you through other means. Plus even if it’s just a blank or a prank call, a creepy other side on the telephone might literally make you run for the hills. Or die of a heart attack. Whatever happens first!




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