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8 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch Before Halloween

The funny thing about horror is that it gives your anxiety something tangible to hold onto. So even though it’s nerve-wracking and paralysing, there’s some comfort in knowing that in the end, it is something surreal we are up against. But this horror is usually the good kind, it isn’t only lurking in shadows, or behind phone calls, or inside your mirror. It is real, it feeds on your behaviour and emotions, and manifests itself into ways we can’t even imagine. Horror makes you doubt the good in the world; not in a cynical way, but in a way where you feel that in order to be good, you have to be a little bad. 

From Italian dramas, to tragic coming-of-age tails, to high school gossip gone wrong – horror doesn’t necessarily need to rest in a cocoon of period dramas or bushy forests or palaces where Rapunzel would need her own plait to climb up. Horror is the bad in all of us, and its rests everywhere. These movies talk exactly about that. Perhaps the reason why they are underrated was exactly because of this. Why see something that hits a nerve within us, that we could be in the same shoes, in another world – ghoulish as it were.

1. Suspiria 

2. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

3. Daughter of Darkness

4. The Invitation

5. The Last House On The Left

6. The Transfiguration

7. Birds

8. Dumplings