7 Bizarre Wikipedia Pages You Need To Check Out Right Away!

Wikipedia is digital’s world’s celebrated encyclopedia. It’s a sea of information; authentic or not. And for every interesting and informative write-up about World Wars or discoveries or inventions, there’s another that is completely out of the box and unintentionally hilarious. A lot of these are on topics that none of us in our right minds would ever look up in the first place.

We’ll probably never be able to know them all, but here we bring to you 7 Wikipedia pages that are surely strangest of the strange, weirdest of the weird and bizarrest of the bizarre.

1. List of animals with fraudulent diplomas

Toonces The Driving Cat GIF by Saturday Night Live

As weird as it sounds, there’s actually a slew of animals walking around with MBAs while pooping on sidewalks. And you’ll find those animals on this page. In one case, a house cat named Colby Nolan was awarded by a MBA by Trinity Southern University, which sparked an expensive and turbulent fraud lawsuit.

2. Toilet paper orientation

toilet paper lol GIF by xxiyaa

You probably haven’t put any thought into the way your toilet paper hangs, but the good folks of Wikipedia sure have. From survey results, popular culture and technological improvements to arguments for and arguments against, this page exhaustively details it all. However, the most bizarre part of the whole article is the fact that once your start reading, you’ll keep going.

3. Lists of lists of lists

confused parks and recreation GIF

In this chaotic and uncertain world, your brain love lists. Even lists of lists if needed be. But let’s take a step further and look into this page containing a list of Wikipedia pages that list lists. Yes, that’s right and it’s called List of lists of lists. So, for instance, there’s ‘List of lists of academic journals’, it directs you to a directory of other lists related to this topic. Doesn’t it make perfect sense?

4. List of unusual deaths

weird 30 rock GIF

Although there are many ways to die, this Wikipedia page is dedicated to all the unusual deaths that’ll leave you scratching your head. Not only people, it keeps a track of all living things that faced unique deaths. Surprisingly the number of deaths on this page is incredibly high and includes names like Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son.

5. Death by coconut

man down rihanna GIF

Apparently coconut is a lot more dangerous than you ever expected, and all the deaths it caused deserve a special mention. Hence the Wikipedia page! The page even breaks up these deaths into multiple categories, so in case you ever wanted to know the exact location and date of every death that the coconut caused, Wiki is there for you.

6. Wrap rage

Have you ever been annoyed for a few seconds because you couldn’t open a plastic package? Well, congratulations because this first world problem warrants an entire Wikipedia article – Wrap Rage. The page not only targets the frustration resulting from the inability to open packages, but there’s also a ‘solutions’ section that wants retailers to change the way they sell products. Quite helpful!

7. Deleted articles with freaky titles

weird carrie brownstein GIF by IFC

You’ve seen all the weirdness that Wikipedia hosts. But have you really pondered over the stuff that gets deleted? Submitting to the website isn’t much of a task; hence the deleted directory of articles is so perplexing that it’s nearly impossible to look away. We mean someone was really excited to dedicate a page to ‘Dying with your pants off’, while another wanted one on ‘List of movie posters with lamps in them’.

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