30 Days Of Halloween: Why You Should Date Someone Who Loves Horror

Why? Because nothing says love like staring at gory death every single day, and still getting cheered up for every time you go on a date!

Loving horror is an acquired taste. Loving Exorcist or The Nun doesn’t qualify you as a lover of the occult arts. It’s loving Wes Craven, Mrs. Voorhees, Tumbaad and Revathi’s eyes in Raat that qualify you as one. You aren’t just a patron of Dracula come Halloween and you need a costume. You have watched all movies that are made in and around Romania. Not Transylvania. Why shouldn’t you love a person with ghoulish keenness? You can have the darkest secret, and after analyzing the ramifications of it they will probably help you in keeping it or relieving off of it. 

In this spirit, we tell you why dating someone who loves horror is just a really good idea. 

1. They Don’t Scare Easy

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Especially if you are dating a girl who loves horror, she doesn’t get scared of any of the reptiles. We mean come on, aren’t girls who are scared of lizards and spiders a cliche now? This one wouldn’t be scared of a rabid dog self- combusting on top of her car!

2. They Don’t Constantly Need Hand-Holding

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They will wander off alone at night without the need of support, even at the risk of running into two pint-sized twins holding hands. They are their own person, and whenever they require your presence, it is because of a want rather than a need! Who doesn’t love to be wanted?

3. They Are Crazy Adventurous

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We mean, wow. Their idea of fun is to see someone’s butt get sewn shut! They are open to newness in ways that keep redefining themselves. Not a single concept of a complete dare will unnerve them because they have probably thought of things more extreme!

4. They Are Creative

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Creativity sits right next to all the other important tenets need for a relationship to survive. It is also a close cousin of passion. And, convincing your governess to invest in a hound who protects you from the world is quite creative. If you ask. Creativity will protect thy relationship!

5. They Are Courageous

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Oh the limitless endurance that they have. They have imagined being stranded in a desolate home, to trying to figure a way out of a kitty door, to imagining birthing the devil’s child after being fed stuff by their neighbours. They won’t bolt at the sight of a slight inconvenience. They are in it for the long haul, and with you in every step.

6. They Are Accepting

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You can have the most dark and perverse side to you, the most tormenting emotional baggage, the most intense concepts and they will accept it. They won’t judge you. You can be covered in pig’s blood and they will think you are beautiful, you can be obsessive and they will calm you down, you can fly high on a pedestal and they will ground you.

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