Watch: The Trailer Of ‘Doctor Sleep’ Tells You How The World Is A Hungry & Dangerous Place

“Hello Danny”, the eerie, spooky voice welcomes Danny Torrance into the world’s scariest place only to make chills run through our nerves. Horror combined with thrill, all decked up with mind boggling suspense and mystery is exactly what Doctor Sleep trailer has to offer. Warner Brothers released the trailer of ‘Doctor Sleep’, ‘The Shining’ sequel, both written by Stephen King; the two and a half minute trailer makes you stick to your seat and manages to give you goosebumps throughout.

Danny Torrance’s return to the abandoned Overlook Hotel, his horrific experiences, his quest to save a young girl, the return of the twins is what the trailer has to unleash here alongside the solid impressive cast starring Ewan McGregor as the film’s lead. The jaw dropping trailer sheds light upon the unanswered questions of the prequel leaving the audience terrified. The film to hit theaters on November 8.


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