Watching ‘Friend Request’ Might Make You Wanna Get Off Facebook

When one of the most popular girls in college, ‘Laura’, decides to accept a Facebook ‘friend request’ from her shy and quiet classmate, ‘Marina’ – she realises that she is the latter’s only friend on the social media platform. The two begin hanging out as Laura feels bad for her introvert friend, only to realise that Marina is a really passionate designer. But there’s something odd about her works.

Marina’s Facebook timeline is covered with disturbing images of supernatural elements, but Laura looks past all of that, and the fact that the girl has no other friends, just to be nice to her. Shortly after, Marina starts getting extremely possessive about her only friend, constantly calling her and virtually stalking her. Sh%t hits the roof when Laura, obviously freaked out by Marina‘s behaviour, begins ignoring her. To an extend that she lies about her birthday plans, only to avoid inviting Marina for a dinner with close friends and family. Marina obviously finds out about the get-together from, well, Facebook, and all hell breaks lose. Marina lights herself on fire while recording the entire act. And somehow, after she’s gone – the video finds its way online. Laura loses control of her Facebook account – and no matter how much everyone tries to delete it, the video keeps getting reposted – thus leading to everyone judging Laura. So what exactly is going on?

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Friend Request is a virtual nightmare that will mess with your head in ways you cannot imagine. And not to mention, its OST, The Beginning, by Garry Go will be stuck in your head for a very very long time.

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