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Here’s A Video You NEED TO Watch For Halloween!

In India we’ve grown up on superstitions, myths and a fascination for the supernatural that’s drawn us to horror as a genre. It’s something that excites and intrigues us, and a genre more and more people are drawn to watching. Playing off this we’ll mirror the various reactions our audience has while watching anything to do with horror.

In this latest video from Netflix, we’ve got Kalki giving us a few pointers when watching our favourite scary films. And, owing to the fact that it is Halloween today, we’d suggest you follow some of these rules!

If you’re a shouter, make sure you scream below 70 decibels to ensure the integrity of everyone’s eardrums. If you’re a jumper, make sure you have no objects around you in a 3 foot radius so you don’t knock things over.

If you’re a spiller, make sure you spill your snacks and beverages in a direction that isn’t in the direction of a viewing companion. If you’re a loner, well… good luck. Watch the video right here!

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