Clowns Turn Scarier! ‘It: Chapter 2’ To Scare The Sh*T Out Of You

Stephen King’s demonic clown tale is no laughing matter. While one has still not been able to fade the nerve-shredding sights from ‘It’, the film is back with a sequel.

Stephen King’s novel ‘It’, first published in 1986, was adapted into a film by Andrés Muschietti. ‘It’ first hit the silver screen in 2017. The sequel, starring Jessica Chastain, will hit the theatres on September 6, exactly 2 years after the original freaked us out. Did you know that the first film went on to become the highest-grossing horror film title in history?

The original film narrated the story of Pennywise who returns every 27 years to torment the kids of the sleepy town of Derry.

While Warner Bros. is touting the upcoming sequel as the end of the film franchise, but director Andrés Muschietti has other thoughts. Muschietti revealed he is eyeing an idea to bring together both 2017’s “It” and 2019’s “It Chapter Two” into a single movie that would run a massive 390 minutes.”

“I can’t tell you, and this is only an expression of desire, of course. The supercut is something that is yet not out as an idea,” Muschietti said. “We have to talk about it. But I definitely want to make a supercut with material that nobody has seen because it was lifted from ‘Chapter Two.’ But also new stuff, new material…It would probably be around six and a half hours.”


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