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Here’s A Video You NEED TO Watch For Halloween!

In India we’ve grown up on superstitions, myths and a fascination for the supernatural that’s drawn us to horror as a genre. It’s something that excites and intrigues us, and a genre more and more people are drawn to watching.

8 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch Before Halloween

The funny thing about horror is that it gives your anxiety something tangible to hold onto. So even though it’s nerve-wracking and paralysing, there’s some comfort in knowing that in the end, it is something surreal we are up against.

Exclusive Video Of How Netflix’s “Ghoul” Was Made!

Netflix’s latest web series ‘Ghoul’ is based on the creature of the same name from Arabian folklore. A three-part ghastly mini series, it stars Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul. Doing justice to its genre, it is an absolute spine chilling

Presenting- Radhika Apte in a Chilling New Avatar!

Have you ever been chilled to the core and felt shivers down your spine? Well, if not, this picture shared by Radhika Apte today will do that to you. While this extremely talented actress is all set to release the

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6 Things You Need To Do When You Watch A Horror Movie

Watching a horror movie is just not an exercise in experiencing entertainment. It’s a nerve wracking exercise. Your emotions are at peak, you are constantly looking around, and the sweat! My god the sweat. But your entire movie watching experience