Steven Spielberg’s House Needed To Be Exorcised, Meryl Streep Came To Rescue

Meryl Streep turned ghostbuster for Steven Spielberg and we did not just make it up.

“Most of the time, we talked about how his property was haunted, and did I know anybody who did exorcisms?” Streep told a leading publication. “And of course, I did. I got him a priest.”

Back in the ’80s, Spielberg purchased the originally Spanish-style residence, intending it to be his family’s primary residence. The place, according to a story published in 1989 , had an “exotic past.” Its previous owners included Douglas Fairbanks Jr., David O. Selznick, Cary Grant and Barbara Hutton, and Bobby Vinton. “The history of the house attracted me instinctively,” Spielberg had told the publication back then. “It was important for me to know that David Selznick had lived there during the time he produced Gone With the Wind.”

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