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These Last Minute Halloween Costumes Will Definitely Set You Up For A Party

With Halloween only a day away, is your Halloween costume ready?  You must have planned to go as a witch or dress up like the power rangers. But with the hectic schedule that you’re drowning in, you just never got the time to convert your thoughts in action.

But don’t fret over it. Even though the party is just a few hours away, you will not attend it without a costume. We have rounded up the trendiest Halloween costumes so that you can make it on time for trick-or-treat. Get to work as this is your last chance and remember, last minute doesn’t mean anything less amazing!

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is of course the queen of Halloween, and a few simple pieces is all that you need to create her morbid look. A Peter Pan-collared black dress and black boots are enough for the base of the look. You can give a signature touch with black tights, pale make-up and braided pigtails.

Queen of Hearts

Credits: Marie M.


The Queen of Hearts is a super unique and super clever outfit, and all you need is just some paper, a pack of cards and some glue. While all these accessories can be thrown together, your red gown will do the rest of the talking. But remember to put on the red lipstick!

Beer Pong

All you need are some solo cups and glue and you’re the life of the party. Glue some solo cups (You can glue ping-pong balls to the cups if you want) to a piece of cardboard and hang it around your neck. You can glue the cups straight to your fitted shirt as well and you’ll see all sorts of tricks and treats coming your way.


Make out like a bandit all night with your partner! Striped shirts, gloves and a plain tote bag or even a pillow case are all that you need. Draw a $ symbol on your bag and wear an eye patch or mask (You can make it from craft paper and string), and you can party like a true bandit without a care.

Crazy Cat Lady

We all know that lady who puts up in a small cottage with only cats as her companions. Catching the lady peep out once in full moon was enough to get us all spooked. Dress up like the crazy cat lady and scare the life out of everyone. Put on the robe that the lady and her cats always snuggle up in and attach a bunch of kitty stuffed animals. Don’t forget the details- hair rollers, slippers, coffee mugs, etc.

Error Costume

Can’t think of a last-minute costume? Just grab a plain t-shirt, take a marker and write ‘Error 404-Costume Not Found’ on the front and you’ll definitely turn if not all, a few heads at the party.

Rosie the Riveter

Yes, you can do it! Don’t be a spoilsport and show up to the party without a costume. Dress up as Rosie the Riveter because you already own everything you need. Wear any denim shirt or jacket and put on your pair of denims. Lastly tie a red bandana around your head and you’re ready to go.

A Bunch of Grapes

Just run to a supply store because all you need for this costume are some purple or green balloons and secure them with some safety pins to your clothes. Trace some grape leaves on craft paper and glue them to a headband for a finishing touch. You can opt for a green scarf as well!


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