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6 Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

You sleep every night (almost). But do you sleep naked? We believe sleeping without clothes might not be the first thing to cross your mind when it comes to improving your health; but there are some benefits that are just

5 Reasons Why Fresh Veggies Are The OG Super Foods

You have probably heard your mom saying “finish your vegetables” all your life. It’s a directive that all of us have been trying to unhear. But let me put it straight, your mom is right! Vegetables can make you feel

NO: The Golden Word That Can Change Your Life

“Busy” is the patent response we receive and throw out to the jaded question of “how you’ve been?” Today, being busy is worn as a badge of honour; a humble brag that we’re in demand; a verb symbolizing success. But

6 Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

Scientists have warned that we have only 11 years left to save the earth from irreparable damage. And if you’re worried that there’s not much you can do as an individual, think again. This World Environment Day, we urge you

7 Times When It’s Absolutely O.K. To Lie

Honesty is undoubtedly the best policy, but not always. Even though we all are taught not to lie all our life, there are times when lies, only white lies can get us out of a situation. And telling them is

6 Natural Ways That’ll Help You To Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is no easy task. One moment you want to throw those tobacco sticks into the bin and the next moment the craving kicks in. A kind of craving that nothing but only a cigarette will fill. At least