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Men Are Emotional At Work Than Women, Finds Study

In a world where professional success and ambition has never been this ruthless and unflinching, it’s not exactly surprising to find out that this also contributes to extreme stress. The reason for this stress is perhaps the over-visibility via social

Finland, Under Sanna Marin, May Just Have A 4-Day Work Week

Sanna Marin, the current Prime Minister of Finland, has recently introduced new “working hours and days” plan in the country. Marin, who has been in office since 10th December, recently called for flexible working duration which will change the from

Keeping A Plant On Your Desk Apparently Reduces Work Stress!

Everyone around us is battling inner demons, personal and professional. Especially when its deadline time and everything seems super daunting. You feel like you are drowning under the tumultuous pressure and there is no respite. However, there is an actual

6 Gift Ideas That Will Make Sure You Win At Christmas

Been busy the whole month, and wanted to get something special for your loved ones, but now the clock is ticking and Christmas is already here and you have no idea what to get that is special? Well, we can

Kindness generates more kindness

5 Easy Ways To Be Kind And Feel Better About Yourself

Kindness generates more kindness – we all grew up listening to this. However, in order to be kind to others, we don’t need an opportunity. Neither do we have to donate large sums of money for charity, nor smile at