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5 Easy Ways To Be Kind And Feel Better About Yourself

Kindness generates more kindness – we all grew up listening to this. However, in order to be kind to others, we don’t need an opportunity. Neither do we have to donate large sums of money for charity, nor smile at

6 Times You Don’t Have To Feel Humiliated

Humiliation is usually crippling, and why wouldn’t it be? You get reduced to your most vulnerable state and in front of everyone and that renders you blush hard and get pangs of nervousness. However what is the point in feeling

7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Don’t Wear A Bra

As women, most of us have been taught all our lives that wearing a bra is the ‘proper’ thing to do. It’s said to keep you looking attractive, put-together, and just all around more appropriate. But you may be taken

No: The Golden Word That Can Change Your Life

“Busy” is the patent response we receive and throw out to the jaded question of “how you’ve been?” Today, being busy is worn as a badge of honor; a humble-brag that we’re in demand; a verb symbolizing success. But its

4 Reasons Letter Writing Is So Much Better Than Emailing

Writing is an art, and writing a letter is basically a masterpiece. It’s emotional, it’s evocative, it’s personal, it’s sublimate. Writing seeks you out in ways that are not only cathartic, but they are also beneficial. Just akin to journalling,

Why ‘Taking Yourself Out’ Is The Best Thing You Can Do

A loner is someone who does not actively seek human interaction, according to the definition. According to the world, the words ‘loner’ and ‘loser’ are perceived synonymous to each other. The other day I stumbled upon an ad for a

6 Things To Do To Stop Yourself From Crying

Yes, you, you who can feel their voice tremble and throat getting a little welled up. You, who can go from moist eyes to bawling in flat 10 seconds. You, who cries reading books, watching movies, listening to songs, when

menstrual cups benefits

Menstrual Cups: To Use Or Not To Use?

Menstrual cups are medical grade silicone made reusable bell shaped female hygiene cups which upon insertion collects the menstrual blood flow. Curious whether to use or not to use these little cups during the worst time of your month?Let’s clarify