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10 Things To Do On This Quarantine Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here. Like every second Sunday of May, it comes during balmy days, or pleasant days if you look at a worldwide approach and you decide to spoil your mum, rotten. Whether it is buying flowers, taking her

10 Songs Perfect For A Solo Dance Session

Whether it is some underground Marwari deejay (!!) or some classic Daler Paji or some very confusing beats to which Bipasha Basu and Akshay Kumar’s acrobatic suspenseful moves that are very anti-climatic for a climax. So, now that you are

Dos and Donts For Work From Home

Working from home is an acquired taste. It is perfect for those who are worker bees, because they can continue churning out their productive versions without the haranguing meetings, and diplomacies, back and forth. It is also perfect for those

7 Amazing Indoor Games That Don’t Require Technology!

These are the OG of games, they are the play station of the aughts when screen-time was frowned upon. From Candyland to Mafia to Dark Rooms, the earlier days were riddled with fun that involved games in real time, with

6 Ways To Be Happy In Anxious Times

As we step out of a familiar routinised cocoon we have built for ourselves over the entirety of whatever life we have lived, we need to ensure that with the anxious times that are crippling us all with fear we

All About Forgiveness: The Most Powerful Act One Can Do

As an emotion, or an expression everything negative gets stacked in a more significant way than when it concerns the positives. Anger, hatred, criticism all come easy because they are one-dimensional emotions – the emotion festers in you and you

6 Ways Colouring Is The Most Therapeutic Hobby One Can Have

For the past few years, amidst some annoying trends, one that truly sparked joy in our lives has been the resurgence of colouring books. Our childhoods were nary a complete without spending hours with our crayons and colour pencils glossing