10 Reasons Why You NEED A Pet Cat!

Do you miss having a constant companion in your life? Do you think it’s time to expand your family- and not just in the regular, boring way?  Do you crave for something to cuddle at the end of a tiring day at work? If the answer to any of these is yes- consider getting a pet cat! Cats are the perfect furry friends you can cuddle up with on a rainy day. And in case you’re still thinking why- here are some reasons to consider.

1. They Aren’t High Maintenance

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In this day and age, when we don’t even find the time to maintain ourselves- how could we possibly do the same for a pet? Well, guess what! Cats are the lowest in the maintenance hierarchy as it can get.

2. They Don’t Do Much

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The most activity that a cat will do in a regular day is probably just walking to the food bowl to eat- and back to the couch to sleep! Their presence is comforting, solely because of the minimal activity they can manage to get the day by. Cats have a queenly demeanours- treating us regular humans like slaves.

3. They’re Clean

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Cats are extremely particular about hygiene- without you even having to bother once! They lick themselves clean and there is hardly an occasion that you’ll find a single speck of dust on their fur coats.

4. They Comfort

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Cats have this comforting aura around them- sort of like an old grandmother that you would go to just to get a “jaadu ki jhappi” from her. It’s like a walking, meowing, live little stuff toy- and your own personal one at that!

5. They Are Great Companions

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If you’re in the mood to play- cats will be up for it, albeit a bit grudgingly. If you want to wrap up yourself in a blanket and just watch TV- cats will be up for it more than just willingly! Whatever’s your game, a cat is the best company for it.

6. They Know You The Best!

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If you think your cat is just lying in a corner least bothered about your existence- you couldn’t be farther from the truth! Cats have a strong instinct and understanding with their masters. They understand your moods and whims better than most of your human friends probably would.

7. They Alleviate Stress

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Cuddling your cat buddy will not just make you feel good- it will blow away all your stresses and just restore faith in humanity. What could be a better stress buster than having your very own cuddle-mate?

8. They Love To Play

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Give a cat a rubber ball or a wool ball and they will keep themselves occupied for weeks- even months. Playing is something they never get bored of, only that you have to push them to being in that active state.

9. They Tread Softly

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Unlike other noisy animals- cats are very quiet and silent during most part of the day! They walk noiselessly and hardly make a sound when they move. So much so that you will not even get to know that they’re in the same room. What could be better for a companion?

 10. They Teach You The Right Attitude!

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Their queenly demeanour is something we should all learn from- just doing their own thing, sleeping and lazing around all day, food being the topmost in their priority list, and basically not giving a damn about the world! If cats were humans- they would be the closest to the ideal, paragon, virtuous being there could ever be.

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