10 Things To Do That Will Make Your Winter Break One For The Ages

Winter can make you feel all lazy, tired and bored and just because the temperature is cold, and the skies are dark you don’t have to be in bed and sulk around. Here is a winter bucket list that will make you able to embrace all the good about this weather and keep you engaged and well not bored. So, brace yourself as Winter is coming and so is the time to have fun.

1. Build a snowman – If you are living somewhere it snows then grab your gloves and boots and make a good old-fashioned snowman. For those who don’t get to see snowfall in their area just grab some cartons and some white paint and make a DIY craft snowman to decorate your house and have some fun alongside.

2. Bake some cookies and cakes – Too cold to go outside? You can always have fun at home, just invite some friends or family over and spend a day baking and talking. Who won’t love the classic chocolate cookies and milk?

3. Pay a visit to a hot spring – There is nothing more relaxing in a cold weather to just lay back in warm water and relax. So, go and look for any natural hot springs near you and if you cannot find them just go for an outdoor hot tub.

4. Holiday Movie Marathon – Want to sit in your comfortable and warm bed and blankets and want to ditch a day outside. You can spend your day with a holiday movie marathon that won’t just be fun but put you in a cheery holiday spirit.

5. Watch Snowfall – Pack your bags and book your tickets, plan a trip to the hills and have fun in the snow this winter.

6. Go somewhere warm – If the cold is too much to handle for you and you don’t want to freeze just take a trip to somewhere warm like the coastal areas of Kerala, Goa or Andaman.

7. Ice skate – For a nice short outdoor fun, go to an ice rink and spend the day skating or learning to skate with your friends or family and trust me you won’t regret it.

8. Have a game night – If you are bored at home and do not want to go anywhere, call your friends and family over to your house and host an ultimate game night with your close ones. You can play Monopoly or Twister or even Ludo, and totally enjoy the night!

9. Have a bonfire – When the weather turns to cold and freezing, just have a classic bonfire. Chat the night away relaxing near the fire and warm your souls.

10. Volunteer – If you want to do something for the community, donate your time to volunteering services for anything of your interest like the animal shelters, food pantries etc. GIVE BACK!

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