5 Real Life Teachers Who Gave Us Lessons Larger Than Life

The real teachers in our lives are the ones that are closed to us. They mould us into who we are and give us the real lessons of life.. but it often goes unseen. So here is a note of appreciation for the friends and family who turned into the teachers and became the real heroes and role models of our lives!

1. Our fathers taught us to be strong. They pampered us, they scolded us, they cared for us and they protected us, all because they were scared for us. They taught us that there was nothing above and beyond our safety. They loved us and they taught us how to love ourselves. They taught us how to be enough and self sufficient. They taught us to be free but accountable and responsible- for ourselves, to ourselves.


2. Our mothers taught us how to be patient. We grew up looking at her keep things together with all her calm even if the world was falling apart. She taught us how to be patient, to not rush into things and to wait for life to unfold. She taught us how to hold the storm within, without breaking, with dignity.


3. Our sisters taught us to be smarter. They taught us the tricks of trade, the witty ways to make the most of our lives. She imparted her first-hand life lessons directly upon us because we-all-know-why: she has done it all and everything before us.

4. The lover that left us hanging taught us to move on. They taught us that we may weep and hearts may feel heavy, but life does not stop. They taught us that walls were needed around our hearts. But when the right one came by, it is them who made us realise that it was the right person to let in and to let your guard down. They made you realise that your heart was to be protected and it was only you who could take care of it.

5. Our best friends taught us to be loyal and to appreciate the presence of people. They decided to say. They decided to stick by our side through thick and thin. They understood you on days you did not understand yourself and wanted to be left alone. But in your heart you knew you had them to help you dust your knees and get up when you were finally ready to.


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