5 Reasons Men Should Finally Start Cooking

Men and cooking is an interesting dichotomy- from Nobu to Gordon Ramsay to Sanjiv Kapoor to Vikas Khanna we have known and watched cooking shows being helmed by men. But the reality of our households tells an acutely different story. Men don’t cook. Even if their idols are out their with folded sleeves, an apron, peeling and chopping; the men in our lives run away from the responsibility or the intent of cooking every now and then. But should that be the case? Of course not. Why? We breakdown all the reasons!

1. Because Survival

How will you ever live alone if you can’t cook? Surely you took it for granted that a woman will somehow always be there for your kitchen needs- but surprise, surprise there will some moments in your life when you will be hungry and you won’t have food and ordering out every day will be detrimental to your health. That day, you will realise the importance of knowing how to cook!

2. Because Equal Responsibilities

Sure you herald yourself as the bread-winner of the family, but is your responsibility only that? Especially if the women in your life earn as well? You can’t possibly think that you have no responsibilities once you are back from work? Or do you!

3. Because Different Flavours

A kitchen with multiple cooks brings in creativity and ingenuity in the flavours as well. Everyone loves ghar ka khaana but there is no denying that it can get monotonous from time to time. With different cooks in the family you will have a gamut of recipes to try out and that will easily break any boredom!

4. Because Economical

Again, cooking at home is always economically better than ordering from outside. And the brave new world that we live in, we can get almost all ingredients to cook up a storm of any region in our kitchen! So why not try it out?!

5. Because Women Deserve A Break

Yes they do. Between all the work that you need a medal to do, they are considered to be doing because it’s natural for them. They work, they plan, they cook, they tend to the needs of everyone in the house. So why don’t you just get up and take the load off their plate and just cook every now and then?!

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