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5 Easy Ways To Be Kind And Feel Better About Yourself

Kindness generates more kindness – we all grew up listening to this. However, in order to be kind to others, we don’t need an opportunity. Neither do we have to donate large sums of money for charity, nor smile at every other person we cross on the street. Now that’d be insane!

However, you don’t have to shed your blood and sweat every time you want to be kind. Sometimes, genuine thoughts can lead to kinder actions. After all, what matters at the end is how we treat one another. But, remember to show kindness towards yourself as well as kindness is kind of like a muscle; it gets stronger the more you use it and it will atrophy if you don’t.

Here are 5 simple ways show your kindness.

Offering your public transport seat – Kindness towards an individual

Kindness towards an individual

Have you ever witnessed an exhausted, heavily pregnant woman or an old, weak man standing in some form of public transport be totally ignored? Well! That’s where you can show some much needed kindness. If you’re comfortably seated in public transport and suddenly see someone who you think needs the seat more than you do, simply get up. If they need the seat, they’ll swoop in and take it and even if they don’t, you still did your good deed for the day. And standing isn’t really that bad anyway!

Decrease your carbon footprint – Kindness towards the environment

Kindness towards the environment

We all are victims of global warming and there’s no one else to blame other than US. However, in order to cool down our planet, we don’t always have to go around planting trees. Bringing a plant to life is a virtue undoubtedly, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, there are other means and measures at our disposal that we can employ and be kind to the environment. Reducing your intake of meat, unplugging your appliances when not in use, hanging out clothes to dry, carpooling and not taking a leisurely shower everyday are the least we can do to reduce our carbon footprints.

Don’t spread slanderous information – Kindness towards humanity

Kindness towards humanity

Slander is a sinful act. Like its cousin gossip, slander is incredibly ruinous. While gossip spreads the fire, it’s slander that sparks it. Forget igniting the fire and also guard your heart if it happens to you as you can always choose to not address every accusation or negative thing said about you by someone else. And it’s acutely painful to be slandered as it ‘destroys neighbours’ and ‘separates close friends’. Keeping yourself calm and a bit of practical thinking is all that’s required to show your kindness towards humanity. And, the end game is you feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Be positive about yourself – Kindness towards yourself

Kindness towards yourself

Be kind to others, but also be kind to yourself. That’s the best things you can do for yourself. Trust me! Life will be much lighter and your relationships will improve a lot. And most importantly – you’ll feel happier overall. Invest time, appreciate yourself and in case you stumble, be your own best friend. Don’t beat yourself up but rather be kind and question yourself and what you can learn from the stumble. Treat yourself to what you really want and don’t let it slip out of your mind that ‘You are enough!’. And amidst all these, remember to have a hearty laugh.

Respect for all living creatures – Kindness towards animals

Animals are always kind to us and they expect the same for us. They’re selfless, loving companions – source of our camaraderie and fill our lives with joy and paw-sitivity. And if you’re getting a chance to respect and care for them, it’s rather a privilege than a duty. And these furry friends don’t demand a lot. When in need, they simply want us to raise our voices for them. Further, you can always adopt one only when you’re ready! If not, you can give them a little part of your free time as a volunteer. Playing with animals is undoubtedly a two way street – while they love fun and interaction, you’re getting a cool workout in the process.



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