6 Reasons Why Bras Are Quite Unnecessary

We mean lets be real, what is the actual role of bras? They don’t really support – they constraint, they don’t really hide – they propound. Plus they are like sweat reservoirs and it is all very icky. These are the top 6 reasons we have why we believe bras are just there in our lives because they want attention. Time to stop giving them? We say yes, yes. 

1. They bind you and its super uncomfortable and fine it may help every now and then when we are running or something – but hey that is why sports bra exist!

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2. That underwire hurts. God bless those women who can survive an underwire breaking during their daily routine. The jagged wire poking you is a special touch.

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3. Bras really don’t do much good. For that matter, aside from just a few minutes of usefulness they are pretty darn useless. We can still do all that we want to do, without us worrying about if our strap is visible, if are breasts hurt, etc etc.

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4. Also the cuteness and comfort proportions are quite skewed. Never are the cute and sexy ones ever comfortable, and all the seemingly comfortable ones are quite ugly.

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5. Your breasts sag. More than they should. Science also confirms! Breasts don’t have to be deterred from the natural concept of gravity, and all our trying to contain them actually ends up in making them sag more!

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6. Lastly, if bras are supposed to conceal, they do the opposite. You wear strapless so the straps don’t show but the weird cups always do – you wear one under a white t-shirt so its better, but hey – they just compound the whiteness more. We mean, really?!

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