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6 Superfoods That Will Make Pooping A Breeze

Constipation is a miserable condition! It is not something you’re comfortable bringing up at this happy hour, but let’s face it- being constipated is pretty, well for the lack of a better word, crappy. The holding of the breath, the overwhelming force and the piercing sensation- we all have been constipated at one point or another.

And whenever this happens, we just want to do anything that’ll get our system moving again. But don’t you worry because the next time you have trouble squeezing it out, these foods will help you gain momentum again.

Berries for a sweet treat

If you want a sweet constipation remedy, pick the luscious raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. Because they are rich in antioxidants, berries are always in the superfood limelight. While having berries, you’re also eating tiny seeds thus increasing your fiber.

Add more plums, pears and apples to your diet

You feel bloated when you’re constipated. However eating fruits is a remedy for constipation as they are high in dietary fiber. The best fruits you can pick are apples, plums and pears because most of their fiber is found in their edible skins. Further, they’re also high in protein which is a naturally occurring fiber.

Bring on the broccoli

One food that’s present in every good-for-you food is broccoli. This green stuff is an amazing source of necessary vitamins, protein and yes, fiber. Add a cup of cooked broccoli to your lunch or dinner and you can attend nature’s call at ease.

Switch to whole-grain bread

Turn to bread made from 100% whole grain to keep constipation at bay. Low in fat and high in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, eating whole grains will just get your bowels moving again. But check that the label says ‘whole’ before the type of grain, like ‘whole grain bread’ before buying and do not be fooled by ‘seven-grain’ or ‘multigrain’ breads as they are made from enriched flour.

Beans for a big fiber boost

It’s said – ‘Beans, beans the magical fruit’ and so yeah, it makes sense that can also help ease up the bowel movement. The winning combination of soluble and insoluble fiber in beans softens your poop and then bulks it up, thus making it easier to pass through your digestive tract. Beans’ fiber has a significant contribution to stimulation of digestion, as well as for feeding gut bacteria.

Pop some air-popped popcorn

Want a low-calorie way to add fiber to your diet? Then popcorn it is. Go for air popped popcorn and popcorn being a whole grain is of course an effective constipation remedy. You can also undo some its benefits by piling in the salt and butter.





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