7 Times You Were Too Lazy

Laziness is nothing acquired. You don’t learn to be lazy, or practice the fine art of being perennially blah. No. You are born a sloth. And it’s not you alone, it’s everyone. And deep down we are all in some weird race with each other to outdo the laziness, and we all are winning. And that spirit needs to be rewarded. And this is the very reward!

1. When you wanted to change the channel but the remote was too far.

Lazy Jim Gaffigan GIF

2. When you were terribly hungry but you didn’t want to cook or order so you just ate whatever leftovers were there.

Human Nature News GIF

3. When your friend and you were too lazy to open the door when someone knocked and risked having an axe murderer break in.

Jennifer Lawrence Followers GIF

4. Needed to use washroom but held it in. Because, lazy.

Lazy Titus Andromedon GIF

5. Cancelled a plan because you had the clothes, but you didn’t have the intend to dress up

Tired Kim Kardashian GIF

6. Slept with your phone either resting on your chest or face or anywhere but your nightstand

Tired Good Night GIF

7. Called in sick to work only to get those extra few minutes of sleep

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