7 Ways To Wake Up Happier

It’s that time of the day when grogginess seeps into our every pore, when our eyes crave some extra sleep, when the bed beckons us to stay close, and when our limbs and joints refuse to budge. We are referring to that time between when your eyes open in the morning to when you actually get up from the bed. You are confused about where you are, angst-ridden about the day that awaits you, or just simply irritated about not having slept well.

In this day and age when your mind is already running into overdrive, being happy and keeping yourself cheered up throughout the day is a task in itself. Wouldn’t it be a great thing if you could just wake up happier and have a better shot to keep up in the same spirit all day long? Here are a few tips decoded for you to start your day on a positive note and wake up happier. These will bring smiles not just on your face, but on everyone’s around you.

1. Get ample sleep

This one’s really a no-brainer. If you don’t sleep well or get enough snooze time, how can you ever think you’ll wake up happy? Sleep is vital to not just your morning, but the remainder of your day too! Switch off your phone and get that much needed shut-eye.

2. Set a fun alarm tone

Rid yourselves of the staccato, monotonic alarm tunes and set something fun or relaxing. The idea of an alarm is not to startle you, or shock you, or even hit the snooze button- rather to just gently remind your body that it’s time to wake up.

3. Play some Music

Music always sets the ball rolling for a great time ahead! And what better way to induce a fun, happy day than put on some peppy music? Don’t shy away and play your favourite tunes- better even, dance them out!

4. Leave your curtains half-open

And let in a little sunshine! There’s nothing that will make you feel better than waking up naturally to the signs of the day having begun. And being in natural light always makes us feel better- and consequentially, wake up better.

5. Stay away from Social media

Trust, us- you will be much happier without checking your feed first thing in the morning. Happiness starts in reality- not in the virtual world. Less anxiety, less insecurity, and more happiness!

6. Play with your pet

Cuddle with your cat, and give smooches to your lil’ pooches to get your happiness factor up too! Pets can cheer you up in no time, plus caring for them and getting you some pet lovin’ is the best way to wake up.

7. Stretch

Just take a moment before the day throngs you with its entirety- and stretch! Really stretch, not just for the sake of it. This will get your blood circulating all around and make you feel excited and energized for the day to come. Or better yet- get your yoga regime done right after you wake up to awaken your senses.




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