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8 Easy Ways To Be More Productive On Your Way To Work

It’s still the early hours of the morning, and you’re travelling to work- wondering what is in store for you in the hours to come. Your mind is juggling between the incomplete tasks of yesterday, and the upcoming tasks of today. And all this while you’re in the process of travelling either by bus, tram, or metro- which takes up more space in your mind! While all of this is going on- we are at a loss on what to do with this one odd hour of spare time on our hands. Should we just stare blankly into empty space? Or should we put this idle time to some productive use?

The average human spends a significant number of hours travelling to and fro from work, and this time shows no signs of reducing any time soon. Does this mean that our potential as humans is being shirked to redundancy as we travel? Fear not- as we have a few handy solutions that will help you make the best use out of this small fraction of your day.

1. Browse Some News Apps

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Catch up on news as much as possible during your daily commute. Be it the previous day’s news, or the current report- it’s important to stay up to date with the happenings around you. When you enter work- you’re caught up with everything!

2. Work Offline

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Our internet connections pretty much suck while travelling- but why not use this to our advantage and work offline instead? There’s nothing that a simple pad and paper can’t handle- even if it is just planning for the day ahead.

3. Relax your eyes

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Stay offline and refresh your eyes- because they are going to be used for the longest time. Be it your phone, internet, email or just even using your laptop causes a lot of eye strain. Do some quick eye exercises on your way to work and keep your eyes energized for the day ahead!

4. Read, read, and read!

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There couldn’t be a better time to catch up on your reading than early in the morning. Be it the comic book you just got your hands on, that mysterious sci-fi novel, a weekly magazine, or even just the daily newspaper- utilising your time in a productive way doesn’t get better than this!

5. Mind Games

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If you like playing video games, you can be more productive while at it! Mind puzzlers and brain teaser games can help you energize your creative energies in a productive way and give your brain that much needed stretch!

6. Sleep

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If you think there is a big enough window of opportunity to take a short nap- why not? Get a power nap before you throw yourself into the throngs of action that the day beckons you to. Plus- some extra sleep never harmed anyone!

7. Exercise

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We don’t want you to pull out your yoga mat and start doing chakrasana in the metro train. Just some simple hand and leg stretches, some stretching of your neck, and wrists! Basically, anything that doesn’t disturb your fellow passengers.

8. Meditate

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Just take a deep breath in, and take a deep breath out. Relax your brain and your mind before the day blows out of proportion. And what better thing to do than to just stepping back and relaxing while you are travelling? Trust us, you’ll feel better about it.


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