A Special ‘Toilet Seat’ Has Been Designed To Make Sure You Don’t Waste Time In The Washroom

Sure, everyone needs a break. But the important question is – how much time must employers give them? A start-up company in the UK developed a new, downward-tilting toilet so that employees don’t while away their time sitting on phone. Better than a smell-check, right?

The StandardToilet is slopped about 13 degrees forward to increase strain on the legs, making it painful to sit on for longer than five minutes, Mahabir Gill, founder of the company, told a leading magazine.

“Anything higher than that would cause wider problems. Thirteen degrees is not too inconvenient, but you’d soon want to get off the seat quite quickly,” he added.

Not all that bad, this would lead to improved posture with the throne’s primary focus being on cutting down the time workers spend in the loo.

“It’s main benefit is to the employers, not the employees,” Gill admitted. “It saves the employer money.” The company is in talks to distribute its product to train stations, bars, shopping malls and offices, Gill said.

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