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All The Reasons We Think Eating Alone Is The Best Food Trend

Eating alone? A certain awkwardness creeps in the moment we think of this. Be it in a restaurant or your office lunch time or anywhere crowded, we’re never comfortable when it comes to having our meals without company. We understand, you don’t mind the only food-and-you time when you’re home alone, but something about eating alone in a crowded place tenses up all our nerves. We can feel the eyes glaring at us and can hear the whispers behind our back. Well, none of this actually ever happens! In reality, it’s all in the mind-it tricks us into feeling uncomfortable when we decide to dine alone.

In our effort to make you relaxed while eating alone, we have rounded up a few tips for you.

Use your phone or a book

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If you’re terrified of sitting at a table with no one to talk to, your smartphone is a great companion. Even a book for that matter! In those awkward moments before your meal arrives or you start eating, simply connect with friends and family on social media or watch your favourite show or dive into your favourite novel.  This will keep you feeling connected and you’ll be less aware of your ambience.

Get a little dressed up

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Dress up sexy for yourself. Those engrossed in themselves allude a sense of mystery, a sense of wonder among those who glance by. And it is a fact, when you’re dressed well, your confidence is upped by several notches.

No, people are not watching you

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‘Oh how sad and pathetic, that women is all alone’ – no, no one is looking at you and thinking that. In today’s world people are just not thinking about you, they’re thinking about themselves. And even if they’re thinking about you, they are most likely envying your freedom and your guts. And if you still feel that people are thinking otherwise, remember you wouldn’t want them in your life anyway. So does it matter?

Sit in a place where you can people-watch

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Having said that people are self-absorbed, dining along is a good enough excuse to buck that trend. Do it discretely, but watching people while dining is a great pastime and good fun. Sit at a place where you can people-watch more rather than them seeing you. Play a bit of table bingo and watch that couple on first date or the birthday/business group or the girls’ night out.

Have a cocktail

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There’s nothing more alluring than a mysterious woman sitting by herself and enjoying a cocktail as she watches the world go by. Wine works as well. In fact, anything that comes in a fun glass, including milkshakes.



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