6 Reasons Why You Should Walk Barefoot More

Shoes are necessary, but only for certain situations. They’re not vital to our existence. In fact during summers, nothing stops us from finding a park or bench and taking our shoes off and just letting our feet breathe. And we should do this more often and even stroll around without shoes because the benefits of walking barefoot are endless. Here are a few:

1. It enhances your focus power

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When you’re walking barefoot, it’s hard to not pay attention to every step; you look out for sharp rocks and thorns. This awareness calms your inner chatter, clears your mind and helps you focus every now and then.

2. It’s free foot yoga

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When your bare skin comes in contact with the earth directly, your muscles, tendons and ligaments not only strengthen but also stretch. And the stronger your feet and core are the taller and lighter you’ll stand. Further walking barefoot also works on muscles that are not used when wearing shoes and this helping keep your posture upright.

3. It promotes better balance

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We’re all concerned about tripping, falling or twisting an ankle. But when you are barefoot, you feel the ground better, which give your brain more information to prevent any mishap or handle challenges coming your way better. Our feet have the most nerve ending, so when you don’t wear shoes, you basically reboot the supercomputer (the nervous system) and allow the feet to communicate with the brain better/

4. It increases circulation and blood flow

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Your shoe is like a box for your feet- they can’t bend, rotate or flex. But once you’re out of the shoe, your feet are free can give them a workout. And the more you make your feet work, the stronger they become and also let more blood flow. And when you have a healthy circulatory system, you automatically cut down risks of many diseases.

5. It improves eye sight

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Here’s an excellent way to improve your eye sight and reduce the spec number. When you walk barefoot, you put maximum pressure on the first three toes which are the main reflexology pressure points for the eyes. And when this pressure point is stimulated, it hmelps in improving your eye sight.

6. It decreases inflammation

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You know the risks of inflamed cells; they cause cancer, heart diseases, aging and many other problems. However, if you walk barefoot on ground, they electrons present in the earth come in direct contact with your body and act as antioxidants, which in turn decrease the inflammation.




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